Wow, what a high. And, no, it’s not drug-induced. I got an email from Prof B about publishing my paper, “Etymology and Terminology of Greco-Roman Vestment,” and it turns out a costuming/ theater (TD&T) magazine might be interested. It’s always so nice to find out that your writing isn’t complete crap. And the editor’s comments seems so nice, which helps a lot. Ooooh, I hope it DOES get published! How great would that look on my apps to grad school?

I think I’m just gonna sit a float for a bit, everything is so cool right now. Or, maybe I need to bounce around a bit, do a little dance or something… decisions, decisions. Maybe I should save the victory dance for when I get confirmation that it WILL be published. Yeah. That sounds a bit more viable.

I’ll probably be absolutely insufferable if it does get published. Or, maybe not. Who knows? I’ve been considering submitting my paper “Textiles of Pompeii” to Archaeology. I desperately need to edit it, but it could work.

Actually, I have to be completely honest. I reallyreally want to turn my article idea on costume terminology into a book on Mediterranean costume history and terminology. I admit it, I’m totally in it for the clothes. I’m so fascinated with greek, roman, egyptian, minoan, babylonian, etruscan, and persian clothes. That’d make a great book in my world. Especially if I could drum up the primary sources and pieces of art to support my writing. But that is definitely a project for later.

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  1. Wow, that’s a really big compliment if it gets published. Or even if it doesn’t. Just the possibility of publishing … hot! I wish my writing were worthy of being published in something cool, but I was lucky to pass my senior paper. I’m absolutely ass at making my ideas coalesce.


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