Feeeeeel my frustration. I just had this conversation with my sister on IM:

me: mwahaha, I caught you
me: (sorta)
my sister: hey there!
me: I want to know if the baby has a sex yet
me: hiii!!!
my sister: well, the baby does
me: Dad wants to talk to you at some point, I think
my sister: but we aren’t going to find out
my sister: ok
me: no???
my sister: i’ve been meaning to call…
me: ohman
my sister: yeah. we want it to be a surprise
me: how can you not want to know??
my sister: i know, very old fashioned
my sister: oh I DO want to know
me: I’m, like, dying of curiousity here
my sister: but i’m trying to be strong
me: (snickering)
my sister: we’ll see how long that last
me: so, two months from now you might give into the urge?
me: okay, I can try for that
my sister: yes, i might
me: (sigh)

I want to know. (whining) I mean, I’m not going to make little pink booties if it’s a girl, but I’m one of those people who has the worst sense of curiosity. I finally have a baby something on the way, and I still have to wait 6 months to find out if it’s a niece or nephew.

Ohwell. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it’d be soooo cool to find out. I guess I’ll have to figure out something suitably neutral for the baby. The Sibling Sweater Set is nearly ready to be cast on (Lord help me!!!), and I was gonna make them both blankies. But… ohwell. I’ll endure.

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