Unless, of course, you live in South Dakota. But don’t even get me started on that.

Anyway. I just recieved a note from the editor of TD&T promising me comments on my paper within a week or so. I got an A on my GEOL 306 term project, and a C on the latest test. If I can get a B on the final, I’ll have a solid B average, which would be fantastic for me – which is a low goal normally for me, but for an upper-division science course, I’m not gonna be picky.

I have ALL the ends woven into my raglan. I plan on knitting the collar tonight! It’s a bit clingier than I thought it’d be. Heh. But, could be worse – at least it fits and looks nice. I was trying it on and my parents were, like “where’d that come from?” … “Oh! You knit that!” (can you hear me rolling my eyes?)

Also, Guild is having a learn to spin workshop, “give it a whorl”, and I have to help prepare and teach it. My saturday is gone.

Anyway. I finally found some decent sources for my Numidian Cavalry paper, Fentress being foremost.

I need to go to work.

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