I am so nauseous right now. I think I have some sort of stomach bug, or something. I’ve been nauseous for a couple of days now and last night was hell. Trust me, you don’t want the details. Are there any stomach bugs that aren’t related to the flu or anything? This is so weird, and annoying. I missed my class today, I just felt to icky, as I couldn’t sleep until 3 am.

I got nearly 1 oz of the ultrafine spun last night, before my stomach declared mutiny. Do you “declare” mutiny? Or is it “incite”?

I need to get to work on my Art History and Classics papers. My plan is to sit on the couch and not move too much all day.

No, I didn’t finish the raglan.

I’m watching CNN with my Dad right now, and talk about depressing. Over 40% of Americans have been polled at believing that Islam promotes violence. Talk about believing propoganda. This whole situation is crap. It’s not right, and it’s not fair. We went in and declared war on a country that was no threat against us. I can’t say as much about some of our other “allies” in the Middle East. It is so wrong what we’ve done to Iraq, so many people have been killed and it hasn’t done any good. Invading Afghanistan was necessary and led to actual democracy. Noticeably, the Aghani locals aren’t in the middle of a civil war (the Taliban is NOT local, don’t even start). I really hate the fact that Bush is trying to claim that we’re all being racist, etc, for not wanting the UAE to monitor our ports. I’m sorry, but I don’t want any other country to do something so key to our safety. Why aren’t we doing the job? Oh, yeah, to save money. Which we’re going to need later once we figure how badly Dubbya’s run up the deficit again.
(2:45 addendum: interesting article)

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting. It just makes me angrier. But, I really hate hypocrites, lyers, and thieves.

Onto homework.

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