I kinda, umm, got distracted today. My spinning wheel was sitting there and looking so sad. Or something. Anyway, I spun up 2 skeins of lace weight yarn, 1 oz each, using luxury fibers I’m normally afraid to even touch. Okay, today was a weird day. I feel like I just came out of a trance.

Here’s my Lendrum’s ultra-fast flyer. Can you hear it’s siren call? Or, for a straight woman, I guess that would be incubus? Or Eros? Anyway, here is the quivit on the flyer, in singles.

Here’s the two skeins. The white is the 150’s Merino (15 microns), and the silvery-brown is the quivit. The penny is for scale. If you click on the pic for a close-up, you’ll see how fricking crazy I am. They’re both 2-ply. I think they’re somewhere between 25 – 30 wraps per inch.

Now I have to figure out what to do with them… I was thinking a couple of lace scarves?


  1. Wow. That’s gorgeous. I wish mine was that thin, but then again everytime I spin something I have no clue what to make out of it. That’s where my real problem is. Lace scaves would probably work. I’m sure they’d turn out great.

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