I got an interesting email today. “Jersey Knitter” wanted to know if I could come up with the Greej equivalent for “fear of felting”. And, ha!, because of the lovely Perseus, I did. If you’ve read/ editted my “Etymology and Terminology of Greco-Roman Vestment”, you’ll know that “pilos” is the word for felt. The Greek word for “felting” is “pilopoiia”. Cool, huh?

Today’s “spinning workshop” (hahaha) was fun. Mostly because no one showed up and Emily and I decided to go on a knit shop field trip. I got bobbins for the Dalebarn sibling sweater set. More stitch markers, which I won’t be lending to anyone, at all. My students will just have to improvise, as they’ve gone thru two packets of stitch markers thus far, and these things get expensive after a while. Oh, yeah, and I got a bloody crochet hook to replace mine – g-d only knows where it went. It disappeared at one of our VKW’s. Figures.

A point of interest is that I actually did all the driving. Emily was my supervisor. It’s really funny, actually. Since she didn’t hiss or clutch at the arms of her seat, I made a lot less mistakes and wasn’t even tense. Amazing, eh? I don’t think I’m gonna try driving with my parents anymore. They’re… tense. We’ll leave it at that.

Ooooh. Finally just saw the 51st ep of Fullmetal Alchemist. Wow. OOOOh, Ghost in the Shell is next.

I need to finish the collar on my raglan… And write that pattern for the Gauzy Wrap!

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