Oooooh, it was so nice out today! Sunny and crisp. Here’s my Uni’s student union, the EMU:

For my “photo shoot” (harharhar). I got my raglan finished this morning, and asked Em to take a pic of me in it. See! I FINISHED something!! AND, it FITS!!! (what’re the odds?) It’s not my best pic ever, but hey, why be picky? (In case you’re wondering, Em, why I didn’t use the other one you took? The face was completely washed out by the sun… I kinda looked like an alien) Oh, and I’ve decided to rename it the “Inverness Raglan.” “Berry” wasn’t quite right.

And here is part of our knitting group. Janet brought her doggie Ciele with her, who’s a bit of a handful – cuz she’s still a puppy. Ciele kept demanding scratches and cuddles from everyone if we paid too much attention to our knitting.

I haven’t taken a pic of the Fair Isle sample yet. I’ve already identified two mistakes, whoohoo. I’ll punish myself with my camera when it’s done.

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