OOOOH, PINK! I got my secret surprise package from Vonnie today!! PINK! (Have y’all guessed this is my favorite colour???)


The pink needles I got awhile ago, but they match the yarn and sheepy perfectly. Talk about Fate, eh? Vonnie sent me a ball of Crystal Palace Dragonfly and Fizz – together they’re supposed to be knit on 13’s. What d’you know? The sparkly needle set I got from JoAnn’s on sale – the size 13’s are PINK (each size is a different colour). Sometimes, I swear, things are preordained.

And the sheepy!! I nearly cried when I saw him, because he reminded me of my little sheep Vonnie found in Milan when we were shopping at that market- remember him?? – and then I left him in Florence! So sad :( He was a refridgerator magnet. This sheepy, tho, can be clipped onto anything. I’m thinking he’s gonna be a needle buddy :D (I have this enormous collection of stuffed sheepies, so I love to carry them around and pet them…)

Coolies, thanks again Vonnie :D I’m gonna make a scarf, like you recommended. I’ll post a pic when I’m done.

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