Progress update. I have half of my first helmetliner made. I think I can get two outta this ball of yarn (fingering weight handspun [mine!] alpaca, 5 oz), or maybe even 3. I’m knitting it on 7’s, cuz alpaca is so much warmer than wool.

The entrelac scarf is over halfway done.

I’m resisting the call of my lace yarn for the Northwest KAL. I need to fix that button tonight.

And, I’m also trying to decide if I’ll take part in the next Sexy Knitter’s Club KAL, the somewhat cowl, which starts on April 1. I’m torn because: a) the largest size is 44″ and I’m 45.5″, b) I’d actually have to pay for the pattern, c) I’m just not sure. I kinda like the end product, but feel like I could buy something similiar in a store for less hassle. Here’s a pic:

Opinions? Maybe I’ll sit this KAL out.

Oh! And, I’m almost 1/2-way done with the Dalebarn swatch.

In academic news, I turned in my ARH paper today. I was in Classics when I realised that there are likely 3 ways Prof H will interpret it, with the odds:

  1. with indifference (49%)
  2. he’ll think I’m insane (50%)
  3. he’ll think I’m a genius (1%)

Oy. But, I think I have a valid base for my paper, and that my thesis was well argued (all 7 pages of it). I stand by it. I just hope it doesn’t screw up my grade. Did I mention that I included the possibility of Theran theater? Or, that I suggested a strong linkage with Egypt? Maybe I went a bit out on a limb, but I really think that interpreting the scene as ritual is ridiculous. We don’t know enough about the culture to make that judgement, with as little information as we have. Maybe it was a scene from a myth… or something. Anyway. In a week or two, we’ll know.

I have to study for my GEOL 306 final, which is on Saturday. Then I have to get to work on my Historiography paper. Fun. I need to go make myself dinner.

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