why? because I can. Instead of healthy veggies and fruits for lunch, I am making fish’n’chips. with halibut!! Ha! screw the health center.

anyway. I missed my bus today. fuuun. so, I’m staying at home and doing my homework. Here’s some handspun I plied last night. Handpainted (by Morgainne) blue-faced leicester from Carolina Homespun:

I’ve named it twilight. The colours didn’t photograph well. But they’re a soft mix. I still have 2 oz left to spin, but I just don’t care. I think I’ll give it away at Guild. I spun it on my Louet dropspindle, if you’re wondering why 2 oz is such a big achievement ;)

I have absolutely no idea what I’m gonna make with it.

I have to “revise” 5 chapters for my GEOL final tomorrow. Toodle-loo.


  1. I’m so jealous of the fibers you seem to just pull out of the air. Beautiful! And hey, fish is good for you … the health center would probably be happy to see more people eating fishies.

    So, to you have to “revise” your chapters because your GEOL final is to rewrite them? ;-)

  2. (laughing), you’re right. it’s a light, white meat, eh?

    Naw, I just read too much British Harry Potter. Hermione is always “revising” (studying), and I love the different slang.

    Gawd, I have a terrifying stash, from … 4(?) years of pack-ratting. I actually won’t let myself buy fiber anymore, because I have more than I can store.

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