Maybe a bit bruised, but intact. To what do I refer? My promise… oh, 4 months ago (cringe) to write up the pattern I made for my Gauzy Wrap Sweater. And, tonight, I made myself sit down and do it. Here it is. Long story short, I have this Bennetton sweater I adore, but can’t afford to buy another – so I copied it for… $15 worth of yarn (which certainly beat the sweater price). Several people asked for a copy of the pattern, and I promised to write it up… but, erm…

See, I kinda lost my knitting journal, and tonight while cleaning up my cluttered stash I found it!! – and 8 oz of superwash merino/ tencel (whoo!). Talk about a good find. I didn’t even remember buying that… anyway, so the pattern’s done and I have some top calling my name. I’m thinking a shawl would be nice, eh? See nice piccie:

I’ll also be posting a link on the sidebar to all the free patterns I’ve made up (all, what?, 5 of them… eh, more to come, eventually).

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