Okay. I am a bit calmer now. Dad convinced me to write Prof H an email instead of screaming at him – which was more than likely to happen, all things considered. I mean, the man made some really personal comments. He even made one about my religion/ faith. Okay. Calming down. I’m gonna write the email later, when I can rant as much as I want think about it more clearly. My only fear is that he hasn’t graded the finals yet, and now I’m worried about a fair grade on that.

Also, I finally figured out my topic for my Numidian cavalry paper. I was having such a time deciding between 3 different topics – so I misched them into ONE topic: Despite Livy’s use of Polybius as a source on the Second Punic War, he relied on contemporary writers like Caesar and Sallust for his depictions of the Numidian cavalry. See? I got the comp between Livy and Polybius, the use of Caesar and Sallust, and Livy’s own blind patriotism in there (which might be a bit hidden).

AND! I got into the Princess Bride swap. I have many ideas. And I promised Morning Star an ROUS + surprise for giving up her spot for me. I daren’t tell you my ideas… the words “top secret” and “classified” come to mind, mwahaha. I am such a tease, I know. But, as clues, I asked my partner and Morning Star for their t-shirt sizes and which would they choose – princess or pirate?

And, now I can put my button up and finish this paper. I’d chosen all my sources in Livy, but now I’ve decided to compare 3 battles as represented by Livy and Polybius, and then insert some Caesar and Sallust. So… need to go thru my Polybius again. Toodles.

Oh, and:

Inigo Montoya

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti


  1. Bah. I was Buttercup. I’d much rather be a pirate. Or at least a clergyman.

    “Cwafting. Cwafting is wot bwings us togevvah today …”

  2. Wow…. that is unfortunate that H fucked you over like that. I sure hope you can convince him with your superior oratory to give you a better grade.. :( best of luck with that, Sara.

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