Of WHAT??? You ask. Did I knit 10″ of a sweater last night? Battle an enormous arachnid? Or … well, this blog is supposed to be child-friendly.. anyway. 10″??? Of???


Specifically mine :D

Yep. That’s right. I went and got my hair cut off today. 10 inches off at first, with extra trimmed off as we went. It went into their Locks of Love drawer, too, woohoo. And, it turns out, my hair curls when short. See, look!:

P, my hair dresser, was very impressed with the change. I was plainly shocked, honestly. Usually, it’s all I can do to get it into a ponytail – when it behaves I’m at a loss… My parents were very pleased, they kept gushing on it. “Wow! You look so lovely with it that short! It makes you eyes look huge!” I almost wonder what I looked like to them earlier.

To be honest, I think I look like my sister, Alexa. Which, I’m not even going into. Emm, my bro, made a big deal of that. Now, I seriously can’t get my nosed pierced. Maybe my eyebrow. I can’t get a tattoo – I couldn’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery, then. (sigh).

I also badgered my dad into getting me hair products that together cost more than the haircut. Bed Head!! And this really cool curling paste stuff. I’m all agog at the possibilities.

Okay, onto the other stuff. I turned in my paper yesterday, on time. And Prof J said I won the award for the prettiest cover… Mum bought me this set of printed vellum manilla folders last year. Anyway, that’s done! Rejoice! I slept for almost 10 hours last night, it was beautiful. I finally dragged myself out of bed at noon. It was so wonderful, though, a full night’s rest. I’d forgotten how nice that is.

And, last night, I stayed up a bit getting back on track, fibers wise. I pulled out my beautiful, awe-inspiring, perfectly lovely, shetland fleece from Elektra. I claimed the fleece on the ewe last year. And, slowly, but surely, I’m getting thru it (it’s like 4 lbs!!!). Here’s the raw fleece (yes, I am spinning it in the grease):

I’m using my Viking Combs to open the locks without disrupting the colour change. It’s not uncommon for Shetland sheep to change colours during the year. I got a fleece from my suppliers dealers enablers Tom and Tracy that had started out black and turned silver during the year, it was amazing. It made the most beautiful yarn. It was a lamb’s fleece, too, now that I think about it… Here’s the openned locks from Elektra’s fleece:

And here’s some of the finished yarn. It’s approximately DK weight. I’ll prolly knit it up as 5 stitches/ inch. The pic’s a bit washed out, but still gives you an idea of the tweedy look it has:

And, I want to make something between this and this. I like to misch, as you know. I love Anthropologie, but can no longer afford the price tag. So, DIY time.

The rest of the fleece calls me to be combed.

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  1. hehe, you look nice with shorter hair. i don’t think I’ve ever seen you with your hair like that. anyways, hope everything goes well with Dr. H as I said before, keep fighting the good fight ;)

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