3 hours on i-5. i was ready to kill. something was up – the entire interstate was closed off for 15 miles, and being fed onto country highways/ roads. eugh. 3 hours to get to albany.

i finally felt so icky, for many reasons, that i decided to dull my pain with a strange mix of excedrine and smirnoff twisted. which i got on a lark, because it was supposed to be raspberry flavored, and i figured it’d taste like cough syrup, but had to know. was good, actually. em and janet stole some from me, which was fine. then my migraine went away, which was the whole point. alcohol is a beautiful thing sometimes, in moderation. it seems like i only ever drink if it’s before noon and i’m completely stressed. weird.

the alpaca show was disappointing. 1/3 the size of last year. free alpaca, tho.

came back up to hood river w/ vonnie and blair. i shall post a pic of their veryvery scenic view tomorrow. actually, tmrw we’re going a-visiting to the local yarn shops. should be fun.

elektra’s fleece beckons.

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