Take us to your leader
they seemed to say

Anyway, day one in the Hood River Chronicles, my senior spring break.

We started out way earlier than I’d ever admit to waking up at. So, then we went and “borrowed” some batteries from Vonnie’s parents, and headed out to Odell, to visit Foothills Yarn/ Cascade Alpacas. Twas fun. Bit of a schlep.lf

Here’s Blair’s self-portrait, and a view of the yarn shop (note: I bought a 52″ cable for my Denise set and a ball of lace yarn. Yes, I need help…):

And then we fed the veryvery friendly alpacas, who actually approached us. Note my surprise…

But, then, food was involved. One of the cria’s (baby alpacas) seemed very partial to Blair’s hair:

They were a bit disappointed when we ran out of food… but still liked to sniff our hands. Which was cool, since they had really soft noses:

And here’s Cascade Alpaca’s guard dog – who was enormous. I mean, enormous. I’ve seen lions up close, and he was bigger than one of ’em. My entire hand fit in his mouth w/o a prob. Luckily, he was a big baby:

Then we went to Sarah’s shop, Knot Another Hat (see sidebar), and played a bit. Then faced the grocery store – we have foooooood! OMG. And here’s a view from V&B’s front upper-porch of the Columbia River Gorge:

And here’s Blair carrying in stuff…

And me, on the front porch, talking to Blair, with my entrelac scarf – which is FINITO!!!

Thank g-d. See a better pic of it below, and of the view from the back porch:

I got it done at Sarah’s, fringe and all. I also figured out what yarn I wanna use for my … Princess Bride thingies. Hehehe. It’s a secret. Sorry, can’t tell. But, once I get this helmetline done, I’m grabbing some at Sarah’s and using my circs. Should be fun. Now, I hear my wheel and combs calling. I’ll try and update the Chronicles tmrw.

[yeah, we’ll see how long this lasts ;) ]

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