Day 2 in the Hood River Chronicles.

Today we did a Girls Day Out, and went to Portland. We visited Powell’s City of Books, where I found two extremely esoteric weaving history books, from … awhile ago, anyway. Then we went to Lint, a yarn shop, where I spent the better part of a 1/2 hour making fun of Rowan’s latest pattern collection. “Tribal” is too funny. Then we went to visit Opus’ mummy, who works as a weaver in the design center at Pendleton’s. She showed us around the prototype studio, and some of the stuff they were working on. Lick such:

And, the wall o’ yarn… yummies:

And here are Opus, her mum, and Vonnie looking thru the tartan archives. For our families’ clans, and nifty unknown plaids:

Sadly, one of my family clan’s tartans were not very … erm, chic. Eugh. Def’ly not “nifty”:

But, here’s a pretty formal tartan, from another clan, obviously:

Then we went to get lunch and go shopping. Oy vey. Great Greek food. But, then the girls made the dire mistake of leaving me alone in L’Occitane. Fools. I think I finally escaped after 1/2 an hour and spending more money than I ought’ve. But they had ROSE LIPGLOSS that wasn’t sticky!! Oooooh. And a small travel tin of lavendar shea butter for my hands and such. Don’t even get me started on the shampoo. But, my justification is the fact that most other scented things (candles, soaps, etc) either make me break out in a rash or cause my throat to close. I had to be carried out of Bath and Body Works once…

Anyway. Then we hit Knit/Purl where I finally found a lace knitting book on shawls. I had thought to get A Gathering of Lace, but found one I liked better Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls – which covers design, care, and basic pattern elements, with 8 shawls.

Here’s today’s and yesterday’s haul:

I am so tired. Goodnight.

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