There’s a myth that the term “butterfly” is a playful adaptation of “flutterby,” Wikipedia claims this is wrong (shrug), and that the term comes from an old term for “butter stealer”. Hm. Interesting concept. Anyway, I mention it because I got a $100 gift certificate to apply to the school program of my choice, as a reward for my giving works sales on ebay (which I do sporadically) – and I donated it to this program: Butterflies in Bushwick. Thought it was an interesting email to wake up to. Cool karma, or something.

Anyways. Yes, that IS a Jane Austen figurine. I am currently resisting the urge to open the box and fiddle with it. It came with a toy copy of Pride and Prejudice, and a quill and writing desk for her to “use.”

I’m going to start my ROUS today. Prototype.

Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday… I was so tired when I posted, I offered no explanations whatsoever. The Jane Austen figurine I got at Powell’s (just because), the alpaca mist came from Foothills (as did the Denise 52″ cord), and the two reallyreally cool books I found are Non-European Looms and Notes On Carpet Knotting and Weaving (from the Victoria and Albert Museum – it has illustrations/ pix of actual historical pieces and the techniques used to make ’em – great for Coptic textiles), and I simply MUST put a little plug in here for Knit/Purl. Because they frickin’ rock and actually had a great selection of books and stuff, and didn’t follow me around like I was a shoplifter because I’m under 30.

I also want to plug Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman. Because it is the best lace book I’ve found yet. I was truly disappointed by A Gathering of Lace – all patterns, not much else, and while I love Sarah Don’s The Art of Shetland Knitting, it’s not as comprehensive on designing and caring for shawls as Waterman’s. I’m just in love with it. I’d never even heard of it – and it’s an Interweave publication! What’s that about? They over-advertise everything… Anyway, check it out if you’re interested in lace knitting.

Ooooh, and at Pendleton’s we got to see the plans for this Fall’s line, and the Fall 2007 plans for clothing, etc. No, I did not take pictures, that would have been cheating or something ;) To be honest, I’m certainly liking ’07’s line better than the one coming up – think what you will.

I think that’s everything. This is not my day 3 entry for the Hood River chronicles – it’s an addendum to day 2. Today’s plans are focused around knitting at Knot Another Hat. Relaxation is sounding soooo good right now.

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