So sleepy, and it’s only 5:30… but, I have two finished object pics for the sidebar as my reward.

Did normal stuff today. Didn’t get into any of the classes I need. BUT, I did complete my first helmetliner this afternoon while knitting with S and Vonnie. Here’s Blair modelling it in front of one of the yarn dislays at KAH:

Oh, it’s made from my handspun alpaca. I knit it at a larger gauge than normal for the yarn size because alpaca is up to 10x warmer than wool. Didn’t want to roast the guy who gets it. I’ll send it off when I complete another one, or two. I also turned the pattern I used into a PDF and put it on the Helmetheads KAL site, so others could access it.

And here’s a better pic of my entrelac scarf, because the other one sucked:

I still haven’t started my ROUSes. Ohwell. Eyes crossing. Vonnie has a knit class tonite. Not certain if I’m coming along or not… sleepy.

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