I had to borrow this from Crimson’s blog, cuz o’ the Latin!

All things

Franklin, whom I mentioned yesterday, posted a link to his first sweater, whose story he told during the podcast. I enjoyed it very much, because the sweater includes my favorite Latin phrase, which is attributed to Seneca: Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementia fuit. “There is never great genius without an element of madness” (or, “You can’t be a genius without being at least a little bit off your rocker”).

My most favorite dead language quotation, however, isn’t Latin. I turn to the Greeks (well, just Heraclitus) for my deep and meaningful phrase (sans applicable breath marks and accents): παντα ρει. All things flow.

Because indeed they do.

Kick@ss. I’ll post something chronicle related laters. toodles.

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