Lots and lots and lots happened today. I cast on my first ROUS. I am working on the 2nd repeat of the Wings of the Swan pattern for “The Children of Lyr” lace stole. We watched, like, 10 episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. And, I got to go on a little mini tour of the neighboring country-side. Here’s one of many pix I took:

I actually took over 100 pix today. I put 16 of my favs on an e-album, Columbia Gorge. Check it if you want. It was so amazing, climbing up these huge foothills. Strongly reminiscent of Scotland, actually. The wind was unbelievable. I kept feeling like I was going to fly away (my hair is such a mess, btw). I know it’s stupid and silly and romantic, but visiting such breath-taking places always makes me feel grateful. I had the same feeling when I was hiking thru Arcadia, along Hadrian’s Wall, and up Mt Vesuvius that I had today. It’s wonderful to realise that we are so blessed in this world. G-d was so generous when granting everyday beauty.

Anyway, enough sentimentality.

Tomorrow, we’re hoping to visit the Oregon Trail Discovery Center, and maybe go hiking, etc. Should be cool. I need to charge my batteries… Just finished The Princess Bride. I think I’m doing well with my projects, so far.

I am so exhausted. Time for sleep.

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