I can’t believe I actually made it thru today. Seriously. I woke up at 6 am, on 5 hours of sleep and went to Linguistics and took a quiz (which I’m sure the Prof will think I cheated on, since I finished it in 2 minutes, not 20), wandered into the Costume Lab to finish my samples and was shanghai’d into college-level sweat-shop slave labor. Seriously, if I never see another yard of muslin again, it’ll still be too soon. I copied the shirt pattern we’re going to learn on Monday. Wait. To put this in perspective, I started at 10:30 and didn’t leave the lab until 3:15. I cut out so many sample sleeves and collars… uck. Laura was a bit annoyed that most of the actual Theater students dodged out at 1:50, when the class was “over” (but the class samples weren’t finished). In the end, there were four of us still in there, for over an hour, getting all the pattern pieces cut.

Then, Mum and Dad picked me up, to go to Kohl’s. They finally openned a store in Springfield, and the ‘rents wanted to check it out. They even offered to buy me clothes. The fools. Mwahaha. I may have been completely exhausted and half blind from a migraine, but there is no way I can’t shop anyone broke. It’s a gift, or something.

Yeah, I was over budget by about 120%. Ahwell. I got the CUTEST Mudd wedges, and an unbelievable Hepburn-esque floppy hat (PINK!!!), and two pairs of SIZE 12 jeans (yes!!! I am down a size), and two extremely vintage tops. So excited. AND, the jeans are Vanderbilt, so they’re an even bigger achievement, I think so, since Gloria tends to cut for models shaped like gate posts.

Then, we came home and completely crashed. I slept for… err, 3 hours? We just got a bunch of movies, yay. But, Bill Mahr is on, who is my personal… saint? demon? peanut gallery?

Anyway, guess what arrived today??? GUESS! My knitting needle case! See, lookie:

With all my more popular knitting needles, namely my entire Denise set and back-up cords, my 4 fav sparklers, all my DPNS and crochet hooks, and my various and sundry funkily shaped/ lengthed pairs – like, 8″, etc. I love it! I need to leave abfab feedback on Ebay. Yay. I also freed up some space in my knitting tools box:

Shown with the case closed. Now, I think there’s enough space in it to fit a project to take along and keep untangled. (yes, I know they don’t match, and I reallyreally don’t care)

ooooh, and aaawww, danka Crimson! I’m glad someone appreciates my madness ;)


  1. Been right there with ya’ Asher – I once took a 2 hour Psych final in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. What can I say – it was 100 freaking multiple choice questions apparently written for your average greek, and I don’t mean ethnic Greek. I was in the very front row and knew they could see I hadn’t cheated, but all the same I sat there for another 6 minutes and 15 seconds before finally getting up and turning it in. Luckily the prof just smiled – two weeks into break I got a letter inviting me to join the accelerated Psych major program. Little did they know that I had no interest in Psych, but was just good at memorization. :)

  2. Is this perchance LING 101? If so, I’d have recommended the computer course. A computer can’t give you funny looks when you get up 2 minutes into the exam. =)

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