Okay. I love reading Vonnie’s blog because she always has the coolest pix – but, now, she’s leading me into danger! Look at this:

I’m signing up right now. It sounds fun! Ooh, I wonder if I’ll get someone who wants handspun yarn… they mentioned it as a possibility :D

I think that covers everything… eh? Ooooh, another swap to think about. What should I make as my gift? I’m more than able to shop for yarn (mwahahaha), but gifts can be tricky.

Oh! And, Knit the Classics has chosen Pride and Prejudice for it’s May KAL. I’m already thinking about possible projects. Maybe a parasol? Or a spencer? Yummers. The vote for June was Wuthering Heights, which I’m debating. The Bronte sisters desperately needed Prozac.

I also just got word that my Princess Bride swap partner got the send-out date wrong, and now have an extra week (yay!) to play. I’m pretty nigh finished.

Did I mention that I finally wore my parents down, and am going to apply to the Peace Corps this month? I’ve wanted to join since I was 13 (wow, 8 years) because of my favorite math teacher EVER. Mr Stephens. He and his wife were stationed in Costa Rica. I helped him tutor students, sometimes in Spanish. He was just plain cool and very laid-back.

When I first mentioned it to my parents, while in high school, they humored me and said “wow, that’s adventurous.” Then, for the past 2 years they’ve become more and more freaked out at the thought of me in another country at all, don’t even mention for 2 years or more. When I wanted to go on Birthright Israel two years ago, my parents threatened to destroy my passport, because of all the violence, etc. Despite all of their problems with normalcy, I do know they love me and also know they don’t like the idea of me 6,000 miles away and possibly in danger.

But, now, they’re just gritting their teeth. I’ve told them that I’m going to specifically request an assignment with a fibers base – like starting or maintaining a women’s co-op. In Turkey, or Morroco, or India. I speak Spanish, French, and Italian very poorly and can read/ barely speak Greek.

I hope I get in. I’ve always had a deep admiration for the Peace Corps and for Tzedeke in general (“social justice” in Hebrew). I also desperately need a break from academic life, and I want to get away from everything. I’ve done intensive volunteer work before, I’ve organized several student groups, and I think I could actually do well. Wish me luck. I hope to get my application filled out within the next week. I’m putting my earliest departure date at Sept 1, since I’ going to need time to store my things, visit my sister & niece/nephew, and convince my parents not to destroy my visa/ lock me in a closet.


  1. Woohoo! I am so persuasive =) Sarah is doing the swap too and that is what pushed me over the line. I stared at their page for like 3 days before deciding to join!

  2. I heard about the swap on a knitting podcast, but I swear, they said there was a $50 fee to participate….After checking out the one skein website, I think the $50 part was false….so I’ve also signed up for the swap.

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