Holy days seem rather unholy in general, to me. But, anyway, as promised, here is a pic of my Baby Fan shell in progress:

I’m knitting with baby pink Schoeller-Stahl cotton/polymid mix (sock yarn) on size nines. I think I’m, like, 1/3 of the way done. If I get it done before Guild, I’ll wear it and make Em take a pic for me. I’ve gotten nearly all the knitting done in lecture, which is strange for me. But, if I don’t knit I doodle, and all my classes GIVE OUT the lecture notes this term, weird. Other than costume construction, anyway – that’s hands-on. Don’t even get me started. We need some more sewing machines in there. But, I have actually managed to reach a rapport with one of them – an ancient, once-treadled, Pfaft. I think that’s how it’s spelled. From “West Germany” (I swear to g-d, I do).

Back to the unholy Holidays. I hate holidays in general, because they’re a hassle and seem kinda pointless. Especially since my mother goes psycho on them – cleaning the house like a madwoman, and attempting to make 5-course meals (and of course shang-hai’ing us into slave labor). But, tonite, hahaha, she was completely loopy. Yeah. So, Emm (my brother) and I decided to “stream-line” the evenning’s Seder. Tonight is Pesach (Passover), the day when G-d and Moses) freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt long, long ago. Here’s our extremely economical seder (feast) table:

Wow, huh? I went thru the prayers and cut the whole ceremony down to less than 15 minutes long. Note: when I was a child, Seders would last well over, oh, 3 hours. I’m good, aren’t I? Only the essentials. My brother and Dad were very impressed, and quite pleased (if you’ve sat thru a 5-hour Seder, you know why).

Anyway. I am so tired. Listening to Irie Knits. Very (I hate to say it, but) cute Podcast. My computer finally decided to download both episodes in their entirety, Irie – so I could finally listen to them tonite. I completely sympathize with the unexpected yarn. Sometimes, I think my stash is smuggling illegal skeins without my knowledge. It just keeps growing and growing. And, then yarn tricks me into buying it when at the store. Even stuff. Love the music selection, btw. And “Motherly Advise”

Thank you, Sarah! Everyone keeps looking at me funny, like I’m making a joke or something. And, I have sooo been there with you:

but all the same I sat there for another 6 minutes and 15 seconds before finally getting up and turning it in

I think it was the 5 hours of sleep that killed any sense of self-preservation I usually have. I once sat for 3o mins, because it was a final and I knew the Prof would crucify me if I turned it in after 20 mins. Even then, I was still the first to “finish”.

Okay. I completely love how all you dear and darling blog readers will edit things (however unintentionally) for me. So, I am going to post my Peace Corps letters tomorrow, cuz I’m so perplexed. I hate writing essays about myself. Isn’t enough that I reallyreally want to do this, make a difference, and learn while doing it? Whyyyyy must I write essays??? And, I also have no one at hand to edit ’em. If I get the app in by friday afternoon, I stand a much better chance of being selected and placed where I want. So, thank you in advance to anyone who leaves a comment.

I think I should go clean my room. I can’t see the floor, and my spinning wheel is perched rather precariously atop all my fleeces. Err. Bad me, I know.

Next year in Jerusalem, or whatever ;)

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