Really, I’m not.

Why do I feel the need to emphasize this? Because today was definitely not one of my better days. I missed my bus, but because of that actually managed to pack a real lunch and take my LING test more leisurely (I got a 97%). But, after that, everything went to hell.

Why was I the only student given the actual costume for my “mock-up”? Which I had to tear out more times that I’ll ever admit to. Not only that but I constantly had to harass V, the store manager, to come to my rescue when the machine was being rebellious. Then, of course, it would turn out the bobbin had slipped (I swear to g-d I checked that before asking for help!) and I’d look even stupider. Then, I got my zigzags wrong, cut 2 right waist-band pieces (woohoo) and managed to stitch the scissors to the pants (don’t even ask, just don’t). I swear I am usually so much better at sewing than I appeared today. But, finally, I got the horrendous pants done, put them on the model, stuffed the codpiece (actually, V did that, I was too busy snickering) and pinned on the tail… and then I ran out of that studio as fast as I could. I think I was in there for over 5 hours. Oh, yeah, I was… closer to 6, now that I do the math (shudder).

Then I came home, finished my lunch (no, I didn’t finish it in the studio) and collapsed in bed. I finally was dragged out of bed at 8 by my parents, because Bill Mahr was on. I then marched dutifully to the washing machine to dye the thingy for the Princess Bride swap. No, no clues. But, it looks realllreally cool. I also sewed up the other Princess Bride thingy – which is my main claim to any sort of competence tonight. IT worked! IT looks fabulous. In fact, I want to make several for myself.

But, this showed up:

Somehow, in transport, I had managed to drop 10 stitches in my baby fan shell! TEN! That’s one stitch shy of a full repeat. I tried in vain for 15 mins to pick ’em back up. But couldn’t. I finally had to rip it. I took a pick halfway thru the ripping. Eugh. Over 6 rows! It was over an inch lost. (sigh) …

At least I had the good sense to pick up all the stitches before ripping. Which took over half an hour, and over 4 attempts. Seriously, tonight is not one of my better nights. Anyway. I started in on it again as the PB thingy was dyeing, and here’s it after 4 more rows, and with the tip-holders SECURELY pushed on.

(whine) I’m now back down to 11 inches. Eugh.

Then, when I came in to post, I found a colony of ants swarming over my computer. Turns out I had left a half-empty bottle of coke (didn’t see it) on my computing desk, and well, they’d found it. I waged war on the little bastards for a while, but I think I’m the winner. We’ll see in a couple of days.

Now, I am going to finally check my email and go to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow.

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