I just signed up for ANOTHER swap on Craftster: Ancient Cultures Swap

I have an addiction, don’t I? This is developing into a real “problem”. Well, at least I haven’t signed up for two at once yet. And, the One Skein secret pal swap doesn’t even count, since all I have to do is buy and ship yarn… and make ONE thing.

I hope I get a partner who likes jewelry, I’ve been in such a jewelry mood lately… Ohhh, now I must MAKE A BUTTON!! Mwahahahaha.

Here’s what I sent to the organizer:

Name of swap: Ancient Cultures Swap
Craftster username: fyberduck
Email address: fyberduck@gmail.com
Your real name: Sara Morris
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside of the US?
If necessary

What is your favorite ancient culture?

What do you like about your chosen ancient culture?
The profile and figure aesthetics, and the clothing

What don’t you like?
The over-religious interpretation of their culture by modern scholars, and the over-use of red Wink

Are there any particular symbols/gods/pictographs you like?
The tri-Madonna lillies, the maidens, the swallows

Any you don’t like?
the “horns” of consecration”/ bull’s symbols

What kind of items would be on your “wishlist?”
Minoan style jewelry or clothing, or anything with Linear A/B on it…

What kind of items would you not like to recieve?
nic-nacs? Can’t think of anything…

What kind of items are you good at crafting?
I’m good at sewing, spinning, knitting, some beadwork, I’ve made jewelry before, etc. Anything NOT crochet or applique

What are your favorite colors?
Blue, green, pink, violet – I like more muted autumn colours and earthy tones

What colors do you like least?
bright colours like scarlet or corn-yellow, etc

Anything else about yourself that would be useful to your partner?
Err, I’m a Classics major. My blog has a lot of info on me.

Should I mention anything else? Like, that I’m a bit of a hard-ass when it comes to historically accurateness? Nahhh, I’ll be nice just this once, right?


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