Why are all my friends scoring as Lizzy? And why and I scoring as Elinor?

I mean, I love Elinor, she was a great, level-headed character. But, Lizzy will always be my favorite. Who doesn’t love a sassy, intelligent woman??

Anyway. I am making some serious progress on my snowdrop shawl (I promise to post a pic laters). And, in relation to the Pac NW KAL, we’ve now got 8 – 9 (?) members! It started out as just Vonnie and Emily and me. How funny is that? This is so spiffy.

I’m worried that this haircut is going to be the death of my modesty, I swear. If I kept a running tally of the daily compliments I get on it… oy, I’m waaaaay past double-digits now. And most people who mention it are complete strangers! I’m debating between keeping it exactly as it is, and letting it grow out (subsequently saving myself from uncouth vanity). It’s a very strange situation for me, considering that I kept the same hairstyle for … erm, 10 years? prior to this. Long. Long is easy and unnoticed. Ahwell. If I were Catholic, I’d be worried about my immortal soul. As it is, I’m thinking about Karma. Vanity does deduct brownie points from my kosmic score, right?

I still haven’t made a button for the Ancient Cultures Swap (hahahaha, Crimson), but I will eventually.

Emms and I have agreed to meet to weave tonight (even though our class was cancelled). I’m thinking of doing an overshot blanket with my handspun as the wool weft. My really gorgeous, 3-ply ultra-fine merino, as the wool weft. Anyone else drooling? Of course, I’ll probably have a truly terrible time parting with it, to give it to Dylan, but I’ll try.

Oh, and here is the funniest blog post I’ve read in a while. Crazy Aunt Purl’s such a nut.

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