Here are The Princess Bride patches I finished tonight. I’m sending ’em off tmrw. I’m willing to post pix, since they weren’t part of the original swap package… (and the iron ate a couple of them, so some are more crackly than others. And, yes, there ARE two sets, for two people).

And here’s an update on my snowdrop shawl:

Along with a snippet of my recent post to the Pac NW KAL blog:

Can we all just gasp at my progress? I surely do frequently… I have 15″ in height, and nigh 20″ in width. This shawl certainly knits up fast (esp. when you have three classes which provide the lecture notes ONLINE the night before…). I’m loving it, though! It’s such an easy knit, once you get past the second repeat (Oh, G-d, Karen, I completely agonize with you, I finally decided to ignore all my previous mistakes and then stopped making them… too weird). I’m actually switching to my 52″ Denise’s tonight, to save trouble.

I’m glad everyone’s doing so well! Where’s Blair, btw? Emms needs to cast on, too, but we still are encouraging her, since she’s doing a sweater with a Fair Isle yoke currently…

I have a bunch of locals cheering me on, too, which is kinda cool. Has anyone else been knitting in public? I’ve been ordered to wear my shawl around once it’s finished. We should have a “show your shawl” day… right??

…because I am feeling tired and lazy, sorry. And, no, I have not made any progress on the baby fan shell. I still need to figure out what I’m going to do with it, design-wise. Oh, the suspense.

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