Thank you, Sarah! I really thought the look needed an overhaul. I’ll probably keep changing it for a while, before settling.

(the title of this post is the first line of Blackmore’s Night’s “Loreley”, which I’ll listening to now…)

Lemme see. I am onto the neck triangle. I decided NOT to add another snowdrop repeat, since I finally got to lay it ALL out on my 52″ Denise cable. And, all I can say, is it’s big right now, with 4 repeats or so left. K. Then, when I block it, it’ll grow.

I haven’t finished my first ball of yarn yet… oy. I think, maybe, Steph overestimated yardage necessities?

*…and who but my Lady Greensleeves?* (okay, I’ve got Blackmore’s Night going on my iPod)

But, not I reallyreallyreally want to do a Shetland wedding veill. First I have to decide if I want to spin the yarn for it, or not. I easily could. Maybe I should cheat and use those 4 oz of extra-fine white (not cream!) cashmere. (drooling) 4 oz would be enough, if I spun it finely enough, right?

…Oh, wait. Mum bought me (well, sorta) a lb of cria fleece in white…

Aside from my knitting lunacy, Em and I vacuumed and cleaned the public areas. Yay, us. Dad mowed the lawn. Onto the HTML.

*Play for me, Minstrel. Play.*

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