“Look! A patch of blue sky! Let us chase it!” has been our motto in the Emerald Valley for the past, oh, 3 months. Then, today, out of nowhere, came the sun AND blue sky. See, I got pix to prove it:

It was much too nice to have our weekly Guild meeting inside, so we moved outside once people OTHER than me showed up. We claimed what I have now dubbed “daisy island” – a flat-topped hill next to our student union that is covered in regional wildflowers (the UO takes a dictatorial approach to that perfect, green campus look, lemme tell you). Here’s a pic taken of Janet, whilst I lounged among the warm flowers and grass:

And here’s an ant’s POV on daisy island:

and of the sidewalk:

But, alas, I finally had to reach some semblance of verticality when Mika arrived and needed help with her baby-hat:

…which fit Janet’s head nicely. Gauge? What gauge? No, poor thing, it changed mid-hat. So, we helped her sew a cord thru it, to make it adjustable. That’s right, it’s a design element. Aaand, for once, the wearer (a 1-y-old) won’t be able to outgrow it instantly.

Then I went back to lounging:

I loved this pic I tried to take of the East Lawn (yeah, my aim is atrocious), because LOOK at that shade of BLUE. Gorgeous.

And here’s Gail bringing Maverick, her doggie, to sit with us. And Emily finishing her sweater (dear g-d, a Fair-Isle embellished yoke sweater in… what? two weeks? sheesh)…

And, Emily wanted me to take a pic of her Sexy knitting bag. I think it should be called Foxy, or Roxie, or something:

And, because you sat thru all that… here’s a pic of my shawl amongst the English daisies:

I took the pic with the two remaining balls of yarn to PROVE that I’ve done nearly this ENTIRE shawl on ONE 5og ball of yarn. Need I mention this thing is feather-light? I think I have 8 rows left on the body.

sooooooo. close. Oh, AND I remembered to take my Physical ANTH midterm online (woohoo me!) and I passed (no, I shan’t tell you the grade).

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  1. nice pics, and I do like the hair too, by the way. hope to see you when I come back in June, perhaps. we’ll have to hang out or something. I’m coming back in June for a month or so, then moving back down here into my own place and working the rest of the summer, but let’s definitely hang out sometime in June.

    oh yeah, and I haven’t talked to you in a long while on Yahoo. are you ever on anymore? :)

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