I had to post this:

It’s The CUTTER’S COMMANDMENTS. Given to all us working on the Midsummer’s costumes, by V (the store manager/ draper). I figured Vonnie’s mother, at least, would get a kick out of it. My favorites are #4 & #12.

And… okay, they have a pet lamb on Yahoo!Avatars now, so I had to post this…

Yahoo! Avatars

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  1. just a commet on your char-knitty.
    i think that it is very awesoem.
    my husband is a youth pastor in a tiny town where the kids come from 2nd/3rd generations of drug abuse, poverty, etc… we feed them a hot meal 1-2 times a week, cuz watching them eat raw ramen out the package breaks my heart. we started knitting and crocheting with some of them. boys and girls. it has helped with how they handle the stress of their homes, given them something good they can do…but has also attacked my stash! and my supply of needles! ha!
    so i think it is a cool thing you are doing! they do need it!

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