(I think I fixed it Crimson, the text was set to transparent with the dark green background, but I just made it black – canya see it?)

I dunno if you’re familiar with this reference, but some online writers refer to the “plot” or “inspiration” bunny – which hops metaphorically thru their heads, creating a slight mess and new ideas (among other things). Here’s mine:

adopt your own virtual pet!

Anyway. I just had another idea, which I *had* to write down so I wouldn’t forget it – a “butchered languages swap”. People who took high school languages or whatever can put their limited and esoteric vocab skills to the test – like a T-shirt that says “Me llama es Nancy,” etc. C’mon, how nutty would that be?


  1. You should try feeding him …

    Transparent text — tricky. Yes, I can see a stripey notebook paper background with black serif text on top, so now I can read all of your loverly words!

    I wish I had a llama named Nancy.

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