Eugh! I just got two notices from my bank that my last 2 checks bounced. Why? Because I still haven’t deposited the money that the CC and my parents owe me – because I haven’t recieved any of it! $100 worth, to be precise. In total, I need to pay the bank back close to $40 and then another $25 in fees. Just ab fab.

I’ve been waiting for the checks for, oh, two weeks now. Just great.

I can’t decide if this is more embarassing or frustrating. I’ve never bounced a check before. And… just, eugh!

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  1. Unfortunately, I have had the pleasure of bounced checks, so I kind of know what you’re feeling. It sucks. (Um, I can’t read any of your text, by the by. I think it’s all white like the background. I read it through Bloglines.)

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