My feet have passed “aching” and gone straight to numb. I spent 9.5 hours working in the costume shop today. I can’t even comprehend this, actually.

But, after RUINING my costume’s codpiece, I:

  1. re-threaded the 4-thread serger TWICE (a feat worthy of Sainthood)
  2. cut out a NEW codpiece, and serged it together and TO the trousers
  3. made a 12″x12″ sample of Puck’s “fur” (oh-g-d)
  4. proceeded to measure Puck’s trouser’s to start making the “fur” pieces for attachment
  5. battled a badly-wrapped roll of sheer, stretchy, knit fabric into submission – thus, I now have 9 of the 18 “fur” pieces needed
  6. cleaned the studio and came home

I have just finished my two Peace Corps essays – no, I haven’t forgotten those. But, since my costume has to be ready for PHOTOCALL (shriek) by Friday at 6pm, I’m focusing on impending … things. I have my PHYS midterm tmrw, and need to, like, study for that. But, (shite!), PHOTOCALL??? So far, as far as I know, I’m the only student to deal with this early deadline. And they’re going to photograph and, like, publish pix of this thing. May the Lord have mercy. PLEASE let the serger behave on Friday.

I also, erm, missed my Anth lab today, so now I’m 1:3. I’ll be happy with a C in that class. This costuming class is everything now. But, I am learning many a valuable thing.

OOOOOh, and my Dad promised me tonight that I had full and sole possession of my grandma’s sewing tools and pieces – like my Great-grandmother’s gown (OMG), her tatting and embroideries, and Grandma’s and Vera’s and Addy’s quilts, laces and embroideries, etc. I’m also laying claim to Grandma’s photos, since I was the only person who bothered to ask Grandma to go thru them with me and explain who everyone was. I actually kept her busy telling family stories while she was in home hospice. I think it helped her to relax, and it was a great way to learn some wacky family stories. Missourians are weird.

I also get Grandma’s cabinet Singer and the dressmaker’s head, and her wrought-iron iron, HER grandmother’s rocking chair, and the milk jug. Wow. Quite the family haul. But, I’ve been drooling over Grandma’s and Aunt Vera’s pieces for a while. And, I’m the only one who even cares about her machine (which is so ancient and cool, btw).

This all came up because I mentioned that I wanted to go thru all MY crap and pare it down, but wanted to move Grandma’s machine into my room once I had the space. Then the discussion of it all came up. Quite cool, actually. My brother’s been promised all our Great(-Great-)-Grandfather’s woodworking tools, Grandpa’s pocket-watch and Uncle Arlie’s pocket-watch. I doubt he cares about the textiles or machine anyway, but I’m ready to fight to the death to keep them (my cousins and sister are forewarned). I used to thread the Singer for Grandma all the time, so she could sew – I have memories attached to it. And, I actually know how it works. They’d only want it as pretty furniture. It’s enclosed in a mahogany(?) cabinet. Pfft to them.

Anyway. I’m past the under-bust dec/inc on my shell now. I haven’t looked at my snowdrop shawl in… days. But, all the stitches on the right side are picked up and waiting. After this weekend, I’ll be back on that. I’m hoping that I might have the shell looking like actual clothing in a day or so (if I ever manage to make it to lectures again).

I have tons of other stuff, but don’t have the energy. I wanted to mention D’s plight, but maybe not. Oh! V found out that I put the Cutter’s Commandments on my blog, and is considering copyright stuff. Kinda cool.

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  1. So awesome about grandma’s sewing things. that is so wonderful. and the photos, and that you could ask her.

    I have the featherweight singer that my grandma gave my mum but it’s a “special” featherweight that wraps all thread around the bobbin (this is doc’d as a “feature” not a “bug”) and I should really get it fixed. my mum looks at a sewing machine and it breaks.

    Good luck with school stuff and photocall!! i’m not really sure how costume stuff works, but maybe you can not FULLY sew everything together (tho may serger behave)? iirc from my VERY limited theater experiences no costumes were ever perfect at that point…

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