OOOOOh, lookie at what Vonnie made (completely had to share):
And when you visit her blog, be prepared for the awesomeness of her socks. Seriously. You almost have me converted. Almost.

I’m still debating whether or not I should make a button for me blog. I mean, I don’t even have a logo – which Sarah and Vonnie each have. What happened to that knitting rubber duck I made? ;)

Okay, for those of you who follow the story of my servitude to the UO, you’re wondering what the heck am I doing at home, blogging, and not huddled over my sewing machine at the shop? (Yes, I chose one, tamed it, and named it “Baby”; thus, it now behaves for me beautifully)

Because, somehow, it turns out the Photocall for the show is on MAY 6, and NOT April 28. When did this date change? I don’t know. I really don’t care, so long as they don’t fault me for not being done before then. It’s like a divine reprieve at the last moment, I nearly fainted when Sandy mentioned it.

Because of this, I actually got to slow down and enjoy some of my time in the shop – costumers are nutty people, lemme tell you. Anyway. I have been marvelling over D’s work on Mustardseed’s costume these past couple weeks. Here’s where she was at 5pm today:

The hoops are DOUBLE spring-steel corset boning (eek!), bound in hand-dyed and cut bias-tape. So’s the waistband, which is amazing. I looks so damn cool. I just love looking at it. In the end, it’s supposed to look like a tropical jellyfish, all peach and blue and fluttery. I promise to get a pic when it’s done. Oh, that rainbow lace on the manequin in the outer-most layer to be used.

I bet you’re wondering what the heck the title of this post has to do with anything. Quite a bit, actually. When I was taught to sew by my mother and grandmother, they were veryvery thrifty with fabric (cuz it’s expensive!!). Apparently, this isn’t “time efficient” enough for theater work. I… it’s so hard not being exact. V came over when I was cutting out the other halves of Puck’s fur and asked “why are you doing it like that?”

“like what?”

“measuring each one! You already cut out the other halves, just pin them to the other fabric and cut around ’em. They don’t have to match exactly, they’re going to be shredded.”

“I think my Grandmother would have cried if she heard that.”


‘Kaaaaaaaay. Just don’t make me write about it, it hurts. In the end, I had less than a square foot of stretchy, shiny, black fabric left – but all my pieces were cut out and (approximately) matched up. I then went to bast them together, and realised that I was being inefficient again and decided to go straight to the machine.

Any true seamstress could handle this, no sweat. I had to alternately threaten, plead, and wrestle the machine thru 2 slightly … err, well, messy pieces. Oh, the horror of my stitching lines! Then, magically, I reached an accord with my machine. I thought maybe if I tried sweet-talking it, it might behave. It works with computers, right?

“C’mon, Baby, please behave, okay?” I pleaded as I turned the wheel. And it worked! For some reason the pressure foot decided to be less touchy and the needle didn’t attack the fabric as much. Just amazing. I had to keep petting the machine to keep it appeased, but it worked.

Finally, I reached the last piece to be gathered. (I have to gather with intrinsic [nylon] thread, don’t ask). And it occured to me that I should mark this momentous occasion with a picture of my LAST piece, my “fur” sample, and Baby:

Here’s a close-up of Puck’s “fur”:

Because I like to share my pain. I have to cover an entire pair of breeches in this. Oy. I think Cutting the fabric up is the worst part. Seriously. My hand was so cramped by the end of my sample, I just sat rubbing it for 5 minutes.

Anyway, back on topic… I finished up at 5, but didn’t want to run to catch my bus, so I sat and knitted for a while. My shell is to the front and back division and sleeve cast-on’s. Cool. I haven’t looked at my shawl in … well, I don’t know how long (the shame).

Tomorrow is the “Dress Like Sandy” Party. I plan on getting a sari if it’s the last thing I do! I promised to bring drinks… shopping and laundry tmrw, fuuuun.

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