A sudden burst of energy took control of me today, and I find it a bit strange. Maybe it’s the spring weather? Or, the fact that no one ever cleans around here (okay, hyperbole) and I had NO clean clothing (nor did anyone else)?

I did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned up the front room, put some of my stash on ebay, swept the kitchen floor and made TWO mixed berry pies. I made myself leave the kitchen so I wouldn’t have to be tempted by the scent of them cooling.

Mom and Dad, for some mystical reason of their own, bought close to 5 lbs of strawberries at Costco and proceeded to leave them in their plastic box in the fridge. Yeah, genius. Dad mentioned that “those should really be eaten” last night, the night before, and tonight. Uhhuh. Until tonight, I didn’t have the energy to look at the bloody things, much less eat them.

But, for some reason I looked into the two containers and flinched at the first one (shudder) and winced a bit at the second one. I think I managed to salvage 2 lbs? (Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t buy the blasted things and leave ’em there)

2lbs, once cleaned and cut up (with the soft spots removed, ick), was enough for just over one pie. Right. So, I tracked down the remaining bag of frozen mixed berries Mom got at Costco (she and Dad put them in their cereal, etc) and ripped it open. So, an even blend of the frozen mix and strawberries yielded two pies. (drool)… strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and marionberries.

AAAND, I used a full pound of butter in the crust (hey, Joy, called for it) and somewhere near 5 cups of flour (I like to guestimate, okay?). After two hours of toil, I had these two beauties:

And, I was even kind enough to clean the kitchen afterwards, so Dad wouldn’t have to. He hovered nearby, wondering aloud when the pies would be ready (rolls eyes). The man loves pie but couldn’t bake to save his life, sometimes I wonder if he buys fruit just to get Mum and I to bake…?

Anyone want some pie? Should be cool enough to eat in, oh, half an hour ;)

Oh, and I made this earlier, when waiting to go and spend money:

I dunno if I like it – I like Vonnie’s dancing sheep :D Opinions?

And, OMG, Vonnie just opened her own shop on Etsy! (drooling over bags) I am so torn between Spring Violets and Thistle. Look at ’em, too cool :D


  1. I made cookies! You should save a pie and bring it and some plates to one of the late night sewing sessions.

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