4 years of weaving has taught me many things, but today the lesson that came in most handy was: “sometimes you cannot fix a mistake, and must start again from the beginning

I tried sewing on my fur “shingles” and not only f*ck’d up the 2nd row horribly, but actually made the mistake of sewing the shingles to the seam allowance. But, when Vikki pointed this out, I did not cry. Nor did I cry when I suggested to her (at around 6 pm) that I rip it out and start afresh – tho, I felt like it, if only from sheer frustration. I sewed the 2nd row on the left leg 4 TIMES and still it sucked.

Finally, I looked at D and said “I can’t take it any longer, I need a break.” “Me too.” So, we went on the Mad Ice Cream Hunt. First, we tried the student union, since they HAVE ice cream – but were also in the midst of a fire drill thing. Then we turned went to the Bookstore, which no longer sells ice cream (teme!).

We both whined at this, rather pitifully – so the clerk pointed out that 7-11 (another block away!) always had ice cream. So, on our way down the street we decided frozen yogurt was just as good and went in for some much needed chocolate therapy at a local subshop – the subshop, if you know the UO. And then we spent a half hour camped out on a nearby lawn eating and (in my case) lounging in the sunlight.

Once we got back, the “fun” began, and I ending up ripping out at least an hour’s worth of work.

I am sooo exhausted.

I also managed to up-end a bag of potato chips on my knitting, happyhappyhappy.

I need some pie. And, I need to share this: A Lace Symposium (online!), which I found thru reading the Panopticon. I also like the group that’s hosting.

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