For the past week, I’ve been lucky to get 6 hours of sleep a night. Today, I didn’t wake up until (blush) 11 am – meaning, I’d slept thru my first class. Joy. Don’t know what happened there. But, I really don’t care, too. Kinda odd. Feeling sorta floaty, too – which is why the post is titled the way it is.

Anyway. I did it again, I’ve signed up for ANOTHER swap (hahaha), the Fibre Stash Swap. Yes! All I have to do is throw some of my overflowing stash in a bag and ship it (does little dance). Too easy. Once, I get my partner, I’m set. Should I make a button? Seems kinda silly.

After yesterday’s spectacular failures, I am going in again this afternoon. I probably shan’t escape the Dungeon til after 8. Pray for me. Oh, but, I had the best idea, ever. I want to make a “Pit of Despair” sign for V to hang on the shop’s door – you know, like appliqued or embroidered or something fibery :D

Anyway. Must. Keep. Eyes. Open.

Oh, pie watch update : we are now down to 1/2 a pie. Or, were, this morning.

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