On so many levels. Here is a view from the office window:

– I really wanted to be outside all day, not locked in a closet, classroom, or basement – but these are the breaks.

Anyway. Today was one of my longer days. Aside from the fact that I slept thru my first class unknowingly, I also realised at 1:45(!) that we, the Guild, had forgotten to set up our display case. We have the main display case in the student union booked for May 1 -5. Yeah, missed a day. But, I have a class from 2 -4. So, I ran to the scheduling office, grabbed the key and promised to bring it back later. I was NOT going to wait until after my class to grab it, cuz they would have lost it or something by then.

See? I HAVE learned something from 4 years in Uni.

So. After class, I trudged back to the union, cleaned out the case (thanks, Career Center, for leaving your crap in there!), and then put the Guild’s crap in, whilst being stared at by onlookers. Who would, of course, feign disinterest if I looked at them directly. Here’s the end product:

Yes, I did actually STAPLE preemie baby hats to the cork wall. Deal with it. Being 5’3″ makes it hard to reach into a case like this, lemme tell you. Kristen is SO drafted for helping me take this crap down.

Then, oh yay!, I went and locked myself (metaphorically speaking) in The Dungeon (otherwise known as the Costume Shop). After 4 1/2 hours of toil, I actually got most of Puck’s fur attached! Yay. I’m too tired to dance, so … yeah. Tis good. It’s due on May 4, so I still, technically, have 2 days.

I need to eat dinner. Is it really 9:43?

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