While reading The Yarn Harlot’s letter to the TSA, I found this:

If you feel that it would help keep your employees from looking at me like I have three heads, I would be happy to print out letters of reference from other knitters and spinners who have not only carried this much, but purchased other luggage to hold their projects and acquisitions.

Okay, I admit, I WAS embarassed that it took 4 bags to get me back into the country when I went to Lisio. I admit it, but at least I am NOT alone :D

So, when writing a reply to Steph, I came up with a new definition:


n : someone who compulsively buys yarn.

Am I wrong?


  1. Absolutely not wrong. But I think something ought to be mentioned about how it’s a disease similar to OCD or a gambling addiction… Just saying… ;-)

  2. Or how about this:
    n:one for whom the acquisition of yarn, specifically yarn stripped from the shaking body of a small animal, is akin to breathing

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