What an excrutiatingly long day. I got up BEFORE 8 am, and while that may not seem like a big deal to normal people – it was to me, after having only slept for 5 hours and more tightly wound than commercial thread. Okay? Bad night.

Anyway. After a bakery run, bank episode and general family I actually ended up in the Costume Lab BEFORE 10 am. I don’t normally make it to CLASS before 10 am. Obviously, this was important, right?

By 12:30, I had a little less than THIS achieved:

At which point, I did one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. I left. I went and got lunch, openned the Guild office (as expected), and played online. When I tried to get my PHYS homework done, I realised that I STILL haven’t found my notebook. And, that it was 30 mins before class started.

Upon noticing this self-induced lunacy, I concluded that I was operating under Costume Construction Stress Disorder. Once comprehending this, I noticed the wide array of symptoms.

1) Turning a perfectly good ball of yarn into this:

2) Wearing a sleeve as a hat, and noticing it looks BETTER that way:

3) Snapping at unsuspecting victims. V was a bit cranky today.

4) Playing peak-a-boo through a jelly-fish skirt:

5) Staring blankly into space.

6) Rejoicing over the fact that you just shredded your entire project…

7) Eating your weight in M&M’s. I brought in a large bag as a prezzie to all the workers… and wow. I’ve never seen chocolate disappear that fast. Or, by such svelt eaters. Stress MUST have been high.

And, 8) Naming fellow sufferer “The Duchess” for super-spiffy headgear.

That’s right. By 5 pm, we were all a little crazy. The Photocall was in 30 mins, I personally had my actor hovering over me, and my costume still wasn’t finished. But, at 5:30!, I got it done. V rang “the bell” (the one she only rings when someone finishes a costume), which made me jump and go “huh?”

I’m not quite rejoicing yet over the pants. The final fitting is next week, and I fully expect something to go wrong. Everyone was more excited for me than I was. I was kinda… blank. On five hours of sleep, and after 6 hours in the Dungeon, I challenge you to do better.

Sadly, I did not manage to get a pic of Sergio, playing Puck, in the pants. By 6, I just wanted to find a way to be horizonal, ASAP. So, I went home and promised myself I’d harass him later.

I’m really hoping that if I sit here long enough and just relax, I might get some sleep tonight. I haven’t been this tense since… well, honestly, I don’t really know. Having your work being put on public display is harrowing for someone as perfectionistic as me. Tomorrow should hopefully be better.


  1. Hope all went well with Pucks pants!
    I know how you must feel I remember sleeping under the cutting room table a couple of times, because I didn’t have time to go home and sleep before I was due back to class. ( I went to theatre school for 3 years) It improves slightly in the real world, but after 17 years of 60+ hour weeks, I quit. Now make irish dance dresses at home. ( still miss the theatre though!)

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