(Thank you, guys! You were right.)

So. Today was … weird. I’ll be honest. I outright skipped Linguistics and only went to Costume Construction. Where I was informed by V (looking frighteningly gleeful), “the pants fit!”

To whom I replied, “Oh, good.” Bit of an anti-climax, but now I’m all giddy. Took me a while to comprehend the joy.

Anyway. After noticing that the primary cutting table was EMPTY, I claimed it to work on my Benghali skirt. (Remember the one I got on Wed for $15 instead of $40? Also, remember how the zipper broke, and I was given said discount?)

First, I removed this bit of ugliness:

(honestly, who puts stretch pinstripes on anything?)
*And, yes, I am transferring the little patch, too*

I then proceeded to cut up the necessary pieces of cloth to make a new waistband and placket (as due for class on Monday, hehehehe), and a new skirt top. Everyone was a bit puzzled by my project, but left me alone – because, hey!, I had my Midterm project nearly finished.

By 4 pm today, I had this:

Not only does it fit, perfectly! (score!!), but it also looks cool in a Romanian peasant sort of way. Here’s a view from above, cuz it’s just too cool:

For those of you interested in what I did, I cut out five 7.5″ x 9.25″ wedges (to match my smaller waist to the pleated skirt, with seam allowances in there), sewed them together (making a crescent shape), sewed the waist piece to the skirt, the waistband to the full skirt, and then inserted a 2-piece placket. I’m putting on a monster snap for closing the waistband and 2 funky metal clips for the placket (I’m wearing it with a safety pin in the pix). I plan on getting all the handsewing done tonight as I watch my weekly My Hero and Bill Mahr.

In other news, I had the worst day of bus dealings. I missed the 28 to ride in (and had to beg for a ride), then missed it again to get home, took another 28 to the Eugene Station (which turned into 36x w/o my knowledge, oops), at 18th and Willamette I jumped off and walked to the nearest 25 stop. Finally, eventually, I got on the right bus and got home (earlier that I would have on the 28).

I guess it was cosmic payback for the skirt behaving so well.

And, eugh, I pulled out my knitting during these bus fiascoes (hoping for a distracton) and pulled a thread. Or whatever. All I know is I have a 12″ loop hanging out of the side of my shell and no matter what I do, it won’t return to it’s home.


I’m about ready to rip the whole thing and start over. Sheesh.

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