Wonder of wonders, my shawl was dry this morning, so I brought it into Costume Construction to finish it and show it off (a promise is a promise). I then steamed it (bless the lab) and checked all my woven-in ends and, being secure, cut them off. I even emailed the Harlot, as per the pattern (laughing). Eventually, I asked Laura to help me document this momentous occassion:

Good job at the lighting, Laura ;)

I think the best part of the finishing was everyone assuming I was working on a class project. Most of the students didn’t believe I’d made it. Heck, even my parents were amazed. Humans are weird sometimes. We can fly to the moon, but making something by hand is a mystery to most people.

So now, of course, I must do more lace. (I don’t know where this urge is coming from, honestly) And, truly, I do like the sharper edge of the shawl w/o the border, so I’m happy. I just have to find occassion to wear it ;D

To satisfy this craving for lace, I’m currently drafting up two patterns – a travelling vines summer spencer, and a “Miss Lizzie Shawl” – for my May Knit the Classics project.

Anyway, after our brief stint in the sun and fresh air, we returned to The Dungeon (well, Laura ran back in ’cause she’s Californian and it was under 60 degrees out… uhhuh). And, this is what I have to show for today:

Puck’s trousers! Fully furred (maybe too much) and perfectly fitting. Sadly, S is thinking we might have to thin out the fur. Oy. Here’s a view of the tail I want to put on Puck (and V, too), but S thinks black velvet is better. C’mon, the lime green fur matches his waistband!

D and I escaped The Dungeon early and rejoiced in this by getting ice cream and heading home (before the sun had set! oh, the wonder). I decided it was too lovely outside to go inside directly and sprawled in a neighborhood park for half an hour. Which was sooooo relaxing. Wow. What a strange feeling.

I took some pix of the amazing sky. I know it’s Montana that’s called “Big Sky Country”, but I think Oregon has better horizons (and I’ve been to Montana). I’d never seen such spectacular clouds until moving out here.

(yes, this pic is right-way up)

And to give you context, the little green bits on that “hill”? Those are pine trees. And that’s a butte, not a hill. I live down in the foothills of the Emerald Valley. We get some strange weather because of it. But our skies are amazing, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear some pink alpaca calling my name. Oh!, and I swear I haven’t forgotten the sibling sweater set! I tried to get out my fair isle swatch to work on in lecture, but it was all tangled – one of my goals for tonight is to make it workable.

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  1. Your shawl is Beautiful. Really good job, and I’m glad that you adapted the pattern to suit yourself. Sign of a good knitter, that’s what that is.

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