bleh. 3rd post in one night (oh, btw, thank you Steph!). I need to kill my computer or something.

I ripped out 10 rows of the Lizzie shawl. Didn’t like it.

I think I’ll work on the spencer for a while. I can’t take the fair isle into lecture with me. That’d be funny. I’d probably get even weirder looks, then.

I think I’ll go for a lace spencer that’ll resemble this:

… sans poofy sleeves. That’d be a bit ridiculous. Thinking flared 3/4. I really wish I could find a pic of the spencer Lucy Steele wore in the 1995 Sense and Sensibility – the red one with the gothic points? Hey, Laura, what’d the actual name of that be?

I know what I need – X-Files. Hey, Crimson, where are those X-Files/ UFO knitting buttons? (big, anime eyes) I should just buy the first 3 seasons on DVD, and then I’d never stop knitting. Except to sleep, which seems to be eluding me lately, in any case.

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