I haven’t been this depressed since high school. I think self-awareness is the only thing keeping me from being suicidal right now. I know it has to be chemical or something. Yes, my family and school lives are shitty beyond emphasis, but not bad enough to make me feel like this.

I think it’s the estrogen withdrawl. I went off the pill, kinda because I had to, and I feel horrible. That has to be it, right?

I skipped Ling today, then showed up late to Costume Construction, which I left after explaining to Sandy my exam perdicament – how I had let my other classes slip to finish the costume in time for photocall. She excused me. I went and studied for an hour or so. Then I took the worst Anth exam in the history of mankind. After all the Latin, Greek, and Anatomy classes I’ve aced – one paltry Practical Lab should have been a snap.

It was horrible. Just horrible.

Dad bought me these to make me feel better:

So what if he’s one of my many enablers? I need the super-soft Chenille and Firenze ($3!!! on sale) to cuddle against. Seriously.

We went to Costco, and Dad even got me the carbonated juice I wanted. I must have looked miserable – everyone’s been commenting on it. Just great, thanks.

Then I went to the costume lab to escape my life. It’s good for that. I have come to have a passionate devotion for my sewing machine, Baby. We get along wonderfully. I had to put another row of fringe on Puck’s trousers, since they’re not furry enough. Fun. Then they made me take off the neon green fur tail (pout) to exchange it for a black velvet one. Aside from being boring, doesn’t this sound hypocritical to anyone else? They want him to look furrier, but make me take off the faux-fur tail. Fabulous.

Then, once D and S and I were alone – the signs of Costume Construction Stress Disorder (madness) started to show, I got footage of it… Here is D playing with her jelly-fish skirt:

I got her permission to post these, don’t worry.

Does anyone else think of Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” when watching these?

I don’t think you’re ready this jelly, I don’t think you’re ready for this…

oh! I also got my One Skein Secret Swap Pal’s info today. Mwahaha.

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