A hat full of sky…

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Pratchett-fiends will get me here.

Anyway. I spent today with Ems and her “little sister” Devona. It was anything but boring to me; but, hey, I’m not twelve ;D (well, we tried, anyway). First we headed back to the library to return some of Devona’s items, and look about a bit. I never, ever, want to hear Hillary Duff on CD again. Never.

After checking out our items, we went outside for a Kung-Fu demonstration held by initiates of the Shaolin Temple in China. Apparently, they’re touring the country. I pulled out my camera, ever watchful for fun footage and asked Devona and Em to pose. Devona refused. Okaaay. So, Ems went and sat with “Spencer” here…

And because Ems is such a trend-setter, it caught on with the initiates…

A couple of whom seemed to find pix with Americans fascinating. I do love when people are cooperative. It was so cute when one of the initiates had his pic taken with a blond family by the tour’s photographer.

After getting organized for their demonstration (which Devona thought was “boring”), the show started. The fighting was interesting and all, but our favorite was the “Attack of the Duck” (I am soooo not joking here) – which I caught on .MOV:

I love that Oregonians aren’t the only people on the planet to appreciate the duck. How much does that rock, huh?

Anyway, we went on to find lunch (picnic style) and settled at Alton Baker (yes, again, I know). Devona wanted to play in the water, and the duck pond was a no-no in the adult mind – so we took her to the bank of the Willamette river, which was overflowing. We also met Lilah on the way, and her owner(s). On heading back, Devona demanded to take a pic of Em and me. In the end, Emily took a pic of Devona attacking me with my own hat!

And then languishing over my fate…

I had no idea I was that flexible until I saw this. It’s such fun to surprise oneself on occassion. The rest of the photos from the day are here. They include the aflac duck, bunnied Ems, and some other weird things.

I’m off to work on that merino/ tencel.

Oh. Yes. Mom was admitted to Serenity Lane’s detox center today. Which cut our fun at the park short. I hate hospitals and hospital-like places, they’re creepy. I hope I don’t have to see that section of the center again.


  1. That duck thing was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I second martina’s comment in that I hope your mom’s stay at SL is helpful to her, as well as you and your family.

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