I know one should never say, “I told you so,” to a professor. But, damn, it’s tempting.

I came in to the costume lab early today (as usual) and V came over (smirking) with my list of finishings for Puck’s trousers (blast! just when I thought I was in the clear) and #2 was “put GREEN trim on tail”. Uhhuh, apparently S’s black velvet tail was too dull.

“It was great!” V said, “The director looked so confused, ‘What happened to the green tail? I thought the tail was green.’ I couldn’t stop laughing! I wish you had been there.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or snarl. So, I spent part of this afternoon attaching neon green “fun fur” in a wrapped band around the velvet. If they’d made me take off the black velvet tail (which was such a pain to make), I would have screamed. I swear.

Then, (#1 on the list) I had to add a pocket for Puck to keep his flower petals in. In reality, t’s a condom pocket.


From my list, I got #’s 1 & 2 done – but only started #3: attach ‘random’ purple strands. Great. I’m doing it. I got to the 2nd tier of fringe. Apparently my method is a little too formulaic and regular. But, I’m anal, and they can bloody well live with it. At least the purple bits’ll stay on. And, I’ve been right so far, why won’t anyone trust me?

Being a student sucks, sometimes.

Laura got her costume bell rung today. I’d rejoice in her success, but part of me fears that they’ll have a list ready for her on Wed of “additions” or something. She asked me to photograph it and send her the pix. And because it was one of the more interesting parts of my day, I’m posting it. And, it looks cool:

Poor thing. She had stretch fabric and stretch sequins (a sin I tell you! a sin), too. The things we do.

As soon as I could, I escaped. It was 88 deg out today! Oh, misery. And, my burn actually got worse over night. To escape this, and the fact that I was dead tired, I took a nap. And was woken up an hour or so later by Dad asking if I wanted to visit Mom in detox.

Not particularly. But, I did. I brought my knitting (I’m not stupid) and let my brother and father carry the conversation where they willed. I’m not looking forward to this weekend, when the family therapy starts. Yes, I am angry with my mother. Yes, I know this. No, I don’t want to get in touch with my inner child, a higher power, or anything else. I’m fricking tired and still haven’t confronted H.

It’s going to be a long week.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me a comforting email, or comment, or whatever. Thank you very much for your concern and comfort.

Things are getting better, and I promise my blog’ll be more knit-friendly soon enough. I’m working on a spencer formula knitting pattern – I actually posted to Craftster, asking knitters to post their measurements, to give me an idea of what sizing needs to be. And, I am also vindicated in this, it turns out there is no “mode” size. Ha! I’ve been getting posts from knitters who’re 30AA to (oh, poor things!) 42FF.

I promise not to whine so much about my bust anymore, I swear.

So, formula it is. I don’t like standard patterns, anyway ;)

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