(rejoicing) I actually got stuff done tonight! Wow. Major achievement. I finished knitting the first part of the Monster Baby blanket:

I plan on weaving cream ribbons thru the eyelets on the side, stitching it to cream flannel, backing it with a baby-themed fleece, and then finishing it with blanket tape. Unfortunately, we have none of these things at home (blast!). I guess my mother really couldn’t start a sewing store (could have fooled me). Ahwell, something to do this week(end?).

I then confronted my promise to make a berry pie for tomorrow’s Last Ditch Fitting effort/ party/ slave-labor sweatshop thing. After the pie was put in the oven, the kitchen looked like this:

Oops? So I cleaned (and yes, I am sparing you pix of my shiny new kitchen). Here is the pie, an hour later, and too tempting for words:

Yes, I actually put a heart on it. So, sue me. I wanted to test using berry juice as a decoration. It worked. Next time, I’ll try something more original, I swear.

To top all this off, I actually got two loads of laundry done (Emm even folded one, wow!) and picked up some socks I started before this blog existed and got back to work. My gauge is a bit off, but it should be alright. The socks are a white alpaca, from a pattern I cobbled together from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns and a cable pattern from Knitting On the Edge. Maybe, I can finish them by the end of the week, and stop having them taunt me.

I think I may give them to mom. Alpaca sox aren’t my style, and Mom petted them forever, when I started them.

Can you tell I am totally stressed about tomorrow’s meeting with H? Yeah, must breathe. It be okay. I made pie. It had better be okay. Or Karma Int’l. will hear about it.

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