I will stay awake to post this.

It would be bad for the keyboard, at the very least, were I to fall asleep on it.

I faced Hurwit and lived to tell the tale, as you know. But, on a certain level, the worst was yet to come. When I arrived in the Costume Lab, V informed me that my note from the director was “more sparkles”. More. Sparkles. (shudders).

Okay. After a slight compromise, Puck’s pants look like this:

And his poor tail was wrapped in fun fur, the horror!

D had been working on her hand-stitching while I attacked the “sparkles”, and when I held the trousers up to examine them, she cried “Eeewww!”

I just stared at her.

“All your work! Turned to… that.”

And she was right, sadly.

But, I am informed, that it will look very different from 20 feet (or more) away, on stage, in the dark. G-d, I hope so. All us poor CL minions spent a lengthy amount of time debating which circle of Hell each of the costumes belonged in. Mine was 6th. J’s furry doublet (oy) was 1st. The Venetian trousers were – 13th? Can’t remember. But, we also assigned each their own demon. The furry doublet went to Beezlebub, and my trousers went to Azazael.

We are way too educated.

After escaping the CL and my anth lab, I hid outside (in the shade, I’m not that stoopid), and worked on some sox I found in my stash bin. I needed a break from lace, fair-isle, and pattern-drafting. Here they be, on a foot:

Okay. Here’s a yarn review for you. NEVER. EVER. EVER buy “America’s Alpaca: Classic Alpaca” Yarn. The first time I ran into a weird knot/bump, I ignored it. But, TWO in one ball? And this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me. On these sox, I’ve run into two knots, that confused the hell outta me. At least, until I figured out they were knots and not boucles. Sheesh. So, I have to honking big knots I have to weave in, figures:

I’m hoping I can get them done by the end of tomorrow.

I have a PHYS midterm tmrw. A LING on Friday. And an ANTH one on Tuesday(?). On top of that, the Willamette Folk Festival is this weekend, and we’ve (ha! I) agreed to sit at a booth and demo. I’m bringing my wheel. I need to get spinning done, anyway.

I never want to sew again, right now. I’m a little over half-done with my third and final piece of the Ancient Cultures swap package. Time, just give me time. My brain is mushy.

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