World Wide Knit in Public Day is on June 10. I finally remembered to email Danielle with my organizer info (I’m a bit scatter-brained here) tonight. I first wanted to find out if anyone was interested, and they are. So, I’m organizing for Eugene, hopefully.

I hope the UO will allow me to book the East Lawn for the 10th, it’s a week before commencement, so it *should* be fine.

I’ve even emailed Frank and asked him to make a Eugene, OR KIP t-shirt thingy.

Oh, you know you want one. The moment it’s up, I’m ordering a tank top.

So, that’s my big achievement for the day. I had had a draft email in my gmail box for Danielle for, oh, a week or two and just remembered to send it. I swear, my mind is dribbling out of my ears.

I fear the coming years, if this is how my memory is at 21 ;)

I also started a gauge swatch for my sexy stockings things I’m working on. I’m thinkin’ Baroque/ Rococco undies are sooo hot and cool. You know you want lace knee-highs held up by a ribbon garter. And if you don’t, I really don’t comprehend you =P

Oh, and you guys can just knit solid ones for reinactment, or pure sexiness value. I’m sorry, but a man in tights is sexy… see below:

(see? I’ve thought of everything.)
[Yes, I know this is late Renaissance, and NOT Baroque or Rococco,
so sue me. It’s still hot.]

Does anyone else want that guy’s garters?? Darn, I wish I could figure those out. Nifty as hell. I miss the days when men wore velvet and silk and lace. Silk ties don’t even come close.

Anyway. That’s my update for today.

Yes, I am still working on my lace regency spencer and that horrid shell (it soooo needs to be ripped). I also need to spin some yarn for the One Skein Swap…

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