(you know who you are) is officially BANNED from reading this post, should she somehow (magically) be looking at my blog.

Cuz, if I don’t post this tonite, I’ll never remember to. Seriously. I won’t.

Remember that time I posted the 1920’s swap angel package 2 weeks late? I was lucky I found the pix in Picassa, otherwise, nada.

Anyway. Here are most of the contents of my (Fibre Stash Swap) package for Lexis:

She’s a self-declared “fibre virgin”, so I packed up 1 oz samples of every fibre I have (other than guanaco, that stuff’s my… well, prized fibre), with labels (I’m not a sadist). Notables are flax, Egyptian cotton, ramie, silk noil, merino mixes, etc. Also, a bunch of my handspun skeins – sample sized ones, since she doesn’t knit. I love emptying/ lightening my stash.

I also intend to stuff in there one of my decorated CD spindles and spinning instructions. Yes, I am a handspinning missionary – why do you ask?

Erm, I think I packed over a lb in there… Well, her stash will definitely be… all the fuller :D

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